Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can we get Caseworker?

The set up process for Caseworker is designed around you. We provide you with a list of what we need, and when we receive that information back we can usually get an installation of the system created in 24-48 hours for you.

What's contained in the setup checklist?

Our setup checklist contains everything we need from you to get an installation created and personalised for your office. It includes information such as a list of users, their emails, your electoral roll, a scan of your headed paper and so on. Some offices can get this back to us in a couple of hours, others take a little bit longer, it’s entirely up to you!

Is there anything to install?

Caseworker is accessed through a web browser on any internet connected device, therefore there’s nothing to install. You just type your system’s URL into a browser, and then enter your log in details and your choice of second factor authentication.

What's second factor authentication?

We prize Caseworker’s accessibility and it’s ability to be used from wherever you want to work. However, we also want to help you keep your data secure. Using second factor authentication means you have a physical device authenticating who you are, so even if someone gets your email and password they still can’t log in. Caseworker can be used with either a physical Yubikey 4 device, or the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. In addition to choosing either of these options, you can also use a combination of both, as you wish.

What support do you offer?

As part of your Caseworker annual fee we provide full support throughout the working week by phone and email. If you have any questions or require any assistance just email support@electedtechnologies, or phone 0333 344 1225.

What data can we transfer?

Our team can handle most types of data transfer into the Caseworker system, providing it is properly structured and uncorrupted. Just have a chat to our setup team and we’ll be able to help you through the process, and make sure you can just pick up your previous work where you left off, but in a brand new system!

Is Caseworker secure and reliable?

Yes! We pride ourselves on providing a secure, reliable system you can always rely on. All data you enter into the system is encrypted in the same way as online banking, and then transferred to secure Google Cloud servers. Once there, your information is protected by Google’s impressive data security measures.

What happens if I lose my seat or just want to stop using Caseworker?

We are your data processors; you remain the data controller. That means that all of the data in Caseworker remains your data. We will continue to provide you with the contracted 12 months of service, however if at any point you want the data to be exported or securely deleted just let us know.

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